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Three more women have come out accusing Russell Simmons of rape.

According to a new report in the New York Times, in 1995 Drew Dixon started working her dream job as an executive at Def Jam Recordings, which Simmons co-founded. She claims that the music mogul regularly harassed her and even exposed his penis to her. Later on, she claims he raped her in his downtown Manhattan apartment.

“I remember realizing I was cornered,” she said of his unwanted advances.  One night she explained that she had just had a gynecological procedure and could not have sex. He told her he didn’t care, she said she “just blacked out.”

“The last thing I remember was him pinning me down to kiss me on the bed”

She quit Def Jam soon after but was subsequently harassed by another boss, L.A. Reid.

Dixon said Simmons apologized to her at an industry event. “He said, ‘I have daughters and I do yoga now, Drew, and I know what I did was wrong, and I’m sorry.”

Singer Tina Baker also shared her experiences with Simmons. She says he raped her in the early 1990s when he was her manager.

While, she had been to his home before with no incident, this time was different.

“It all got really ugly, pretty fast,” Baker told the newspaper. As soon as they entered, Mr. Simmons started pouring drinks and trying to kiss her, leading to a scuffle, she told the Times.

She recalled “him on top of me, pushing me down and him saying, ‘Don’t fight me.” She was pinned on the bed. “I did nothing, I shut my eyes and waited for it to end.”

The assault took a heavy toll on her romantic relationships.

“I didn’t have sex with a man for almost nine years. I went into a cocoon,” she admitted.

In addition, music journalist Toni Sallie met Simmons while on assignment back in 1987. The two dated briefly, and remained cordial after their breakup, she told the Times. But in the fall of 1988, she says the mogul invited her to his Manhattan apartment for a party he was hosting for his girlfriend. When Sallie arrived, the place was empty except for Simmons. He told her he wanted to show her his apartment and later assaulted her.

“He pushed me on the bed and jumped on top of me, and physically attacked me,” she said. “We were fighting. I said no.”

Sallie added that a year later, he attacked her again at a music conference in South Florida, She stressed that she was afraid to report the attacks to the police.

“If I went to the police, I didn’t know how that would turn out.”

She also worried about her career.

“You have to understand, I was very much in a man’s game. Black women were just starting to break into the field,” Sallie said.

Not surprisingly, Simmons denies the allegations, telling the Times that all of his interactions were “consensual.”

Simmons also vowed to “relentlessly fight against any untruthful character assassination that paints me as a man of violence.”

These aren’t the only accusations against Simmons.

The Los Angeles Times dropped a report of their own with five additional women saying they were sexually harassed, one of which claimed the 60-year-old raped her.

In addition, we previously reported that both screenwriter and Lena Horne’s granddaughter Jenny Lumet and model Keri Claussen Khalighi have also accused Simmons of raping them too.

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