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Police still search for motive in Las Vegas mass shooting

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Source: The Washington Post / Getty

Police are still struggling to find a motive for the mass shooting in Las Vegas, but Las Vegas sheriff Joseph Lombardo believes Stephen Paddock had help carrying out the deadliest shooting in modern U.S. history.


Congressman John Lewis plans to push Congress to pass gun control legislation

Rep. John Lewis

Source: Bill Clark / Getty

Congressman John Lewis is planning to put more pressure on his Republican colleagues in DC to pass gun control legislation after the mass shooting in Las Vegas.

“This congress has failed the American people.  How many more dead bodies will it take to wake up this Congress!!!!”-John Lewis

He spoke out the other day with several Democratic lawmakers.  Congressman Lewis reportedly asked House Speaker Paul Ryan to attend that press conference and show support but Paul Ryan declined.


Police warn citizen of Atlanta of the reduced penalties of marijuana

cannabis leaf plant

Source: Getty Images / Getty Images

Police are warning that there will still be consequences although Atlanta city council voted to reduce penalties for possessing small amounts of marijuana to a $75 ticket and no jail time.  Former officer Richard Strout says state law is still in effect.

“Most officers don’t use the city ordinance, most officers take offenders to Wright street to make bond”-former officer Richard Stout

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