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Labor Day generally signals an onslaught of falling leaves and cool breezes, but before these last few days of summer are gone, get out there and have some fun! There are still sun rays to be soaked up, so before you pack your short shorts and bikinis away, take a look at this list of 20 things to do before summer kisses your bronzed skin goodbye!

1) Get your camera and start snapping.  There is no better way to capture the essence of the summer than with pictures! Take a few shots that will help you to remember the summer of 2010 forever.

2) Get a bright colored mani-pedi.  Its summer time! When you get to the nail salon and its time to choose your nail polish, give the standard french a rest.  Go for a hot pink or orange, if for no other reason than because its summer and you can do that!

3) Let your hair air dry.  Feel free to wash your hair and let it dry into its natural state without risking pneumonia.  The summer sun can do amazing things to your hair color so let it loose and don’t worry about styling, primping and pressing for a change

4) Put on that bikini! Whether you have been avoiding it all summer or you just want to get one last good run out of it, put on your swimsuit and go for a swim (or just look cute sitting by the pool).

5) Have lunch at a sidewalk cafe.  Scope out a cute little table at one of those quaint little eateries and eat! Outside!

6) Go check out your local botanical gardens.  Don’t miss out on the beautiful flora growing in these neighborhood sanctuaries.

7) Ride around with your windows open.  As wonderful as air conditioning is, scarcely do we realize how isolated it causes us to be.  Pick a not-too-hot day and put those car windows down. Enjoy the fresh air.

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