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A former spokesperson for Donald Trump said the unthinkable when she said that slavery was “good history.”

Katrina Pierson, who worked for Trump’s presidential campaign, stunned Fox News commentor Wendy Osefo during a discussion about whether Confederate monuments should be left standing in the wake of the violence in Charlottesville by defendding slavery.

Osefo pointed out how the Confederate monuments even came to be, arguing that the statues do not pay tribute to the best of American history.

“While it is a piece of American history, it’s not necessarily the good part of American history,” Osefo said. “It’s actually nefarious. So it doesn’t deserve a place on state grounds. It deserves a place in museums. And that’s where they need to be.”

Pierson disagreed, stating, “It absolutely deserves a place, because bad history is still good history for this country.”

Flabbergasted, Osefo interrupted asked Pierson, “Slavery is good history?”

Instead of taking the opportunity to correct herself doubled down on her unbelievable statement, saying, “absolutely.”

And it only got worse from there as Pierson went on to continue defending the history of slavery and credited slave owners with building the country, stating, “The people that founded this country were slave owners.”

You can watch the rest of the mess below.


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