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Sin is NOT free. It ALWAYS costs. I know this very well, and yes, I can admit I know it by experience. The wages (or payment) for sin is death (Romans 6:23). Something ALWAYS dies when we allow sin to actively thrive in our lives. Maybe it’s your hopes and dreams or possibly your potential or effectiveness, but something will take a hit. Even if you didn’t get caught, it doesn’t mean you didn’t pay. You may not see sin’s bill now, but like a credit card, you PLAY now but you’ll have to PAY later. If not you, then your kids or theirs, The good news is that God has created a plan for us that we don’t have to live under the penalty of sin. His Son paid the ultimate price for us so that we don’t have to live under the weight of sin. We just have to believe that He did and accept His will for our lives. God has a BEST life in store for you. Don’t neglect it because you’re too busy having fun running up your ‘sin tab’. Give your life to God and let Him pay the bill.