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Houston, Texas singer/songwriter Drea brings a refreshing flair to gospel music. Her debut song, “He’s Got It,” is a diverse, multi-faceted song designed to inspire, enlighten and uplift. Through this song, Drea shares her love for God and allows us to travel with her on her faith walk, a walk that she says is rooted in her personal view of God’s word.

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From the lilting “Like A Breeze” to the timely title track, Drea delivers an array of songs that are each unique in their own right, not only in terms of their messages but their style as well. On “Who’s Like Our God,” she reminds us that “the God who made man from dirt is the same God who comes through for me during tough times.”

But of all the songs on the EP, the one that is the most personal for Drea is “Mascara Runs.”

“This song speaks to people who are hurting and I can relate to it because, in all honesty, I haven’t had an easy life. That’s why I know that my heart is with those who are hurting.” Drea said though the songs carry a common thread about God’s love and grace, they package their messages in different ways. “I’m not just one thing,” she affirms.

“I’m not one sided. I have so many layers to who I am as a person and I want my music to reflect that. I want people to hear these songs and feel that they speak to their heart. I’m in that middle lane,” she adds, “and I want to be that bridge for everyone — Christians and non-Christians alike.

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