In the midst of bills mounting and responsibilities increasing many people are juggling their financial priorities and if one ball drops it can create a ripple effect that causes a major setback in our lives. It’s not only about how much you can earn, but how well you use what you have and how complete you are as an individual. This is the foundation of building your ideal life.

Let me be clear financial freedom doesn’t necessarily mean having millions and millions of dollars, instead it may mean having all your needs met as well as a few or all of your wants. It may mean picking up and going wherever you want, when you want or being able to help others financially when they need it. Whatever financial freedom looks like for you, you have the ability to make it a reality. Now is the time to begin.

Take it from me, no matter where you are financially or how awful your current situation, you can still have the life you want by realizing your need for change and embracing your willingness to make it happen. You may be thinking how will you survive? First of all you may be asking the wrong questions…The better question should be how do you thrive? How do you break outside of the pack to be “other”? You must eliminate fear and move from where you am now, to where you want to be. Once you realize it’s never as bad as you think it is and you can always bounce back, you’re ready to begin your new journey.

Here are the steps to success:

Believe you can succeed

•If you don’t believe it no one else will.

•You must see past where you are right now to position yourself to walk into your new phase.

Create a Structure/Model for Success

•This includes creating roles & responsibilities of the people you need to help reach your goals.

•How will you track your progress or setbacks

•How will you manage the actual funds

•How will you track your income, expenses and debt

•Monthly Spending Plan

How will you fund the journey

•Current Income

•Types of income


Create policies and procedures

•How you treat money

•Do’s and Don’ts


•Spending Limits

•Saving plan

•Create a strategy to get out of debt

•Handling needs vs. wants

Having Regular Money Talks/Meetings & Review

•Create agenda

•Weekly Meetings/Planning (Strategy & Growth) Action Planning

Manage your credit (

•Know what’s being reported

•Have a system to dispute errors

Define Your Values

•Bank Statement Bio

Building the Empire

•Growth Strategy

•Estate Planning/Legacy Building

•Tap into the Power Within

Your thought process may be a little off or your negative thoughts are overpowering the positive ones. While financial freedom may mean different things to different people, but ultimately it’s about finding your peace.

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