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This Easter weekend TV One will air its latest movie “To Hell and Back” starting Ernie Hudson and Vanessa Bell Calloway.

The new and original production will premiere on Saturday, April 4th at8PM/ET and is a modern day adaptation of “The Book of Job.”


Joe Patterson (Ernie Hudson), a wealthy land developer, learns as God and the Devil take a wager on his blessed life that results in a series of tragedies that test his faith.

With a happy wife (Vanessa Bell Calloway) and six beautiful kids, Joe struggles to endure murder, fatal accidents and illness all while doing his best to remain truthful to the god he believes has given him everything.

On Wednesday, Calloway told Roland Martin, host of NewsOne Now “To Hell and Back” is an “important story, especially in today’s time we have so much thrown at us — you got to always remain grateful and you always have to remind yourself who really is in charge. God is in charge.”

Calloway said, “To Hell and Back” reminds her of things that she has to deal with on a regular basis. “You have to have the faith to know that God has your back and the patience to let him do  his thing. And that’s a very hard thing to do is to have patience and faith at the same time.”

“We want what we want when we want it how we want it as quickly as we want it and it don’t always go that way. God is always in charge, so we have to just sit back and let him do his thing.”

Calloway also talked about her acting career spanning stage to screen to online during her chat with Martin.

“God didn’t bring me this far just to drop me. When I’m presented with opportunities I always say ‘Well God gave me these opportunities for a reason.’ So I never worry about things working out. I’ve learned over life everything just kind of works itself out because I was blessed with it because I’m supposed to have it. So I have to believe it was given to me for a reason.”

Calloway touted TV One for “changing the whole spectrum of the tone of what people are seeing and we just can’t depend on network TV anymore to give us jobs we have to be open and take jobs where ever they come and with the diversity of television as far as the channeling with the Netflix and the Hulu and the Amazon … everybody is getting in the game.”

The long-time actress also told Martin she will be staring in an Amazon Studios project called “The Hand of God.” Until then you can watch Vanessa Bell Calloway in action Easter weekend in the TV One original movie “To Hell and Back.”

“To Hell and Back” premieres Saturday, April 4, 8PM/ET on TV One.

Watch Martin and Calloway discuss the upcoming TV One Original movie in the video clip above.

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