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When I was a little girl, my parents were fascinated at the offbeat questions about life I had. I remember looking forward to sitting on my dad’s lap and asking him questions about everything that was on my mind to ask. I remember we lived in visual distance of the airport and I would look up in the sky and see planes flying over our house and I would watch them until I saw the landing. My Dad and I used to stand outside and watch the planes land and he would always say “Touchdown” when the wheels touched the ground. I looked up at my dad one day and said ”Daddy as heavy as that plane is with as many people as it has inside of it, what in the world keeps it in the air?” My Dad knew that explaining aero-dynamics and jet engines to me would be too much information for me to handle so he simply said, ”God holds them in His Hands”. Of course I accepted that as the answer, but my little curious mind didn’t stop with just that answer, I kept wondering beyond the answer that was given. I then remember thinking, “WOW, God plays with planes like my brother and his friends. Hmmph…I wonder if He ever drops them.” As comical as that may sound my innocent inquisitiveness always derived from my young perspective. I’ve always had a sense of wonder and exploration about me. When I became a teenager I started experimenting on things that I was curious about. I became wise at an early age because I was never afraid to explore. Of course my curiosity landed me into some challenges at times, but I never turned it off. If you really think about it, all of us have a sense of wonder. Within that sense of wonder lays our will to act on our curiosities or not. I know you have heard the saying “Curiosity killed the cat”. I must agree that curiosity on some things can lead you to unfavorable consequences. Some of us may have experienced some things in life that made you a bit apprehensive to even trust yourself enough to explore again. I wish for you today that you would awaken again your sense of wonder. Our destinies are determined by our will and ability to not only see the reality of our dreams but also by the courage we possess to explore what it is that we see. Yes, your days ahead are chockfull of adventures. Some exciting and others may not be so thrilling. Doors may close, but others will open. You may lose something precious but trust that you will gain something else that s even more precious. Decide that you will not retreat but you will lean in to your predestined life experience, explore and discover what you’ve never experienced and notice each ordered step. Respect these moments breath by breath and day by day and be fully present, fully alive and fully aware of these moments as they are a gift to you. Embrace your sense of wonder and love the life you are living.