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For many years, 25 year old Jasmine Robinson’s BIG heart has moved her to volunteer countless hours with events for breast cancer and AIDS. She also regularly volunteers at the Atlanta Community Food Bank.

Twice a year, for the past three years, Jasmine donates her time and money to fill 40 to 50 backpacks with food for the homeless. She literally drives around searching for the homeless who live under expressway overpasses and on the streets of Atlanta. “Superwoman” Jasmine put in many volunteer hours, while working full-time, raising her young son, daughter, and nephew AND she earned her Associates Degree in Business and Early Childhood Education. She is currently working on her Bachelor’s Degree in Business.

Her goal is to start a daycare for children with special needs and a non-profit to assist felons with reentering the workforce. Jasmine Robinson is truly inspiring and truly a Champion Hometown Hero.