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It’s really hard for parents to identify with the lives of teens these days and the stress and the pressure they carry. As Generations have evolved activity has increased and absent mindedness is very common among teens…Especially teenage boys. With so many thoughts running through their minds, they more than likely have major issues trying to stay focused enough to retain information. Before assuming your child has problems with their memory, consider that the problem could be related to listening. Take the time to have you child’s physician to evaluate them so that you can rule out any disorders such as A.D.H.D. or A.D.D. In the meantime I have listed a few exercises for you to help them trigger their memory.

Music, Rhymes and Rhythms

One way I have helped my child remember information is that I use music, rhythms and rhymes. This generation is musically inclined and motivated by rap and Hip hop…Challenge them to Make melodies and rhythms while learning their times tables. Use acronyms for hare to remember cities in their geography class. Be creative and allow them to be creative as well. It works and it’s a lot of family fun too. The positive energy makes for a great connection with your child and their learning experience.

Repetitiveness Helps information stick

Sometime instructions are so hard to remember for them…Have your child write them down and them repeat them to themselves. Sometimes writing it is seeing it, and hearing it is receiving it. Have them keep repeating it back until they get it…If they hear it and can’t quite get the information to stick them have them write it again

Physical Activity

MOST Kids get an easy 100 A+ in P.E. Do you know why? It is because they LOVE activity. Studies have shown that moderate exercise enhances learning and memory and improves overall brain function. If you live in an apartment community, have them wake up early enough to go on a walk with you on the treadmill. Have them walk the dog in the morning before school. Whatever you choose to do, adding 15 minutes of physical activity to their daily routine before school with tremendously increase their focus.

Memorization and Mental Exercise

Another Creative Way to build your child’s memory is to practice memorization. Have them memorize Scriptures, Phone Numbers, shopping lists, directions, dates…And give them a sense that you are relying on them to remember what you just might forget. That approach also gives them a sense of responsibility to remember. Work together on puzzles and board games in your spare time.

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