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People ask me all the time, “Darlene How do you balance it all? Being a Mom, having a career in radio and as a recording artist, being an author, songwriter, comedian, speaker, actress…How can one person be effective in juggling life?” Every day, I have a lot on my plate…I cannot do it without making lists nighty. I wake up each day with my agenda and a pray over it.

It sounds really easy but I will be the first to say that it is not. Sometimes I may miss a thing or two on my list and it will have to carry over to the next day’s long list of things to do and I feel a bit overwhelmed. I find myself accepting the reality that I am not really Wonder Woman and I can only do so much without sacrificing my time with my family and for myself to exercise and take care of myself. I am not afraid to talk to the Lord about all of it. Believe it or not, sometimes I have to schedule time to think about certain things. Balance is very important and bringing order to your life is imperative.

Here are some really important points to realize…

  1. Peace- You must do whatever it takes to remain a peace maker. This means be realistic about your expectations of yourself. Do not compromise anything for the peace you need to keep going. It is hard to be clear and get direction when you do not have peace. Guard it with everything you have.
  2. Discernment- Is absolutely necessary. You have to understand that not everyone or everything is ordained to be attached to you or the things you are doing. Spend time praying and asking God for discernment on how to do it, what to do, and who to connect with as you are doing what He has called you to.
  3. Discipline- It is so easy to try to incorporate a new thing within your old habits. You must be committed to being disciplined about your actions so that they are intentional. Schedule your times realistically, include time to work out, to pray, and time the night before to handle what needs to be done. Discipline yourself to stick to your plan.

God really expects us to submit ourselves and our actions to him so that he can use us completely. Romans 12:1 says, “I Beseech you brethren by the mercies of God that you present your body a living sacrifice, Holy and acceptable unto God”. There are new mercies daily to see you through everything God has for you to do.


Make Yourself a Schedule

When you are scheduling your time be sure to include prayer time and planning time. Even if you have to schedule your prayer time in the car as you are driving in to work. Put everything you need to do on your schedule. From exercising, to cleaning, to checking homework, to cooking, and anything else don’t allow anything to steal that time you have planned. This way you will stay organized and keep up with your responsibilities. Even schedule your time with friends and family. You will find yourself much more effective as your days have been ordered.


Recognize Your Season of Life

As you look at the many things my hands are involved in you see the things that God has given me a stewardship to carry. It is hard to imagine that I can keep it all together right? One of the main things I have found most effective is doing what needs to be done in the season it is supposed to be done. I find that most of my writing is done together at one time, so this is when I write books, songs, Jenimac Moments etc. This may or may not be the time that I am recording. I don’t have a steady flow of acting opportunities; those come in seasons as well. However, I am always mom, always on the radio, and always operating in my gifting’s as needed. This is also evidence that it is imperative to be closely connected in relationship with the Lord so that you can determine which season you should operate in so that you are being effective in the things you do.


Suggested reading: “Commanding your Morning” Dr. Cindy Trimm


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