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I have been reading a VERY Interesting Book called “Tribe-O-Scope”  It is the Christian alternative to understanding the Zodiac as the actual 12 Tribes of Isreal.  I’ve studied this book for about 3 years and I find it to be quite interesting and on point with me.  I am what society calls a Scorpio but in this book I am called a Dannite.

since we are in the Season of the said “Sagittarius”, I want to introduce to you a new classification and that is that You are from the “Tribe of Asher”

Genesis 49:20 “Out of Asher his bread shall be fat, and he shall yield royal dainties.”  (KJV)

Deuteronomy 33:24-25 “and of Asher he said, Let Asher be blessed with childresn; let him be acceptable to his bretheren, and let him dip his foot in oil. Thy Shoes shall be iron and brass; and as thy days, so shall thy strength be.” (KJV)


ASHER – SAGITTARUS – November 22 – December 21

{Below I will list scriptures of the prophecies spoken by Jacob and Moses for this particular Tribe. Conducting a word study to define the words in each verse, I will show the hidden traits, potentials, characteristics and spiritual gifting for one born during the above dates}.

Asher means, Happy; to be straight, level, honest (guide), blessed. Genesis 30:13

Sons of Asher:

Gen 49:20

“Out of Asher his bread shall be fat, and he shall yield royal dainties.” (KJV)

Asher- happy, blessed

Bread- food, grain; to feed on, consume, devour, overcome

Fat- greasy, gross, rich, plenty; oil, to shine

Shall yield- to give, make, add, appoint or apply

Royal- a king; to ascend the throne, rule, consults,

Dainties- delicacies, pleasures, delight; live voluptuously

Asher was given permission to pronounce curses on the rebellious from Mt. Ebal

Deut 33:24-25

“And of Asher he said, Let Asher be blessed with children; let him be acceptable to his brethren, and let him dip his foot in oil. Thy shoes shall be iron and brass; and as thy days, so shall thy strength be.” (KJV)

blessed- act of adoration, abundant

children- sons, builders

let him be- to exist, become, come to pass, accomplish

acceptable- to be pleased with, satisfy debt – set affection on, enjoy {need for attention, demand it} dip- immerse, plunge

foot- step; endure, follow after

oil- greasy, richness, anointing {leaves strong impression}

shoes- a bolt, sandal; to fasten with bar or cord; shut up

iron- cutting sharp

brass- a fetter

thy days- warm, hot; age


Asher speaks of favor – Willing to be humble 2 Chronicles 30:11

Anna the prophetess was of the tribe of Asher and recognized the Christ. Luke 2:36


ASHER – SAGITTARUS – November 22 – December 21 Masculine Sign – Element Fire – Ruling Planet Jupiter

You are generous, well-balanced and ambitious. You exercise good judgment and are honest at heart.

Keywords: aspiration, belief, world view, science, higher education, travel, culture, spiritually aware, search for truth, quest for knowledge, extravagance, over

indulgent, broad-minded, prosperity.

Asher- Shows that you don’t normally experience discouragement for long. You have a happy-go-lucky carefree attitude. You tend to have a very positive outlook on life. You are honest and tend to speak what’s on your mind. You can’t tolerate manipulation, beating around the bush. You have an ability to accept life challenges. You enjoy joking and laughing.

Jimnah- Shows you have good taste and appreciation for the finer things of life. You can be very wise with money and investments. You have the creative ability to multiply money quickly and create wealth. You are fun loving and outgoing.

Ishvah- Shows your concern about your looks and what you are doing. You seem to be continually making adjustments and recreating your outward appearance. There is a spirit of excellence about you. You are harmoniously well-balanced and fair in judgment.

Ishvi- Further shows yours concern for everything going smoothly. You are a planner and your fire element will keep you very active. You may find yourself often doing a balancing act, trying to keep up with all your activities, but you do it well. This also shows that you are very resourceful and you do your homework before making major decisions. Multi- tasking is where you really seem to shine and tap into that endless supply of energy.

Beriah- Shows that you are morally-conscious and with deep religious convictions.

Serah- Shows that you are very thorough and somewhat redundant. You don’t like limitations; you are idealistic and have big dreams.

Heber- Shows a sense of family which is very important to you and the sense of community. This also shows your interest in the paranormal and spiritual practices, magic and powers.

Malchiel- Shows your assured confidence, you think highly of yourself, a healthy self-esteem.



{These traits may be more evident in the unenlightened, non-spiritual or newly overcoming Asherite/Sagittarus person}.

Asher- Shows that when you are unhappy you can seem to make everyone around you unhappy. It can be very hard for you to admit disappointment. There may be a tendency to have a quick temper and you enjoy arguments where you get to show off your superiority.

Jimnah- Shows that you may have a tendency to waste money, bad investments, over-indulging and you seem to be a bit extravagant. When you are off-balance it is hard for you to focus and plan properly.

Ishvah- Shows the tendency to be extreme, not knowing when to stop. You can be compulsive and out of balance.

Ishvi- Reemphasizes the tendency for extreme, out of control behavior and decision making. You seem to often compare yourself to others and sometimes striving for something unrealistic.

Beriah- Shows that you can be uncommitted, living a lifestyle of no restrictions. There may be a tendency to rebel against established guidelines.

Serah- Shows excessive compulsive behavior. When you are out of balance, you may find yourself making the same mistakes and wrong choices again and again. This also shows struggle, unable to easily get out of ruts or break habits (addictions).

Heber- Shows that you may have the tendency to isolate yourself when faced with challenges. You may be driven to hide your true feelings. You can easily close up and build walls around yourself that will make it difficult for others to penetrate. This also shows the thoughts to resort to negative occultic powers to get revenge.

Malchiel- Shows arrogance, the feeling of superiority and pride.

Asherites/Sagittarians are very bright and intelligent with a deep respect for spirituality. They seek and strive for harmony and desire to create a well-balanced perfect world. However, if they feel threatened or restricted, they might go to the extreme to prove themselves right.

You must overcome pride and the need to control.


It was believed by some of the ancients that by wearing this stone an unhealthy relationship would be brought to an end.

Onyx means to bleach, take the color out. This speaks of being emptied of the self-life that the righteousness of Christ may shine forth. As you shine, all the unhealthy things will seem to separate and fall away.


Physical looks are very important to Sagittarians. They seem to be constantly changing and adjusting the outward appearance; hairstyle, clothing, and their surroundings. Your Jupiter influence keeps you from dressing too flashy. You wear Blues and Purple well; they are an expression of your high sense of self.


“I hate the double-minded, but I love Your law.

Most Asherites are athletic built with strong bodies and very defined features. They are usually tall, however, the shorter ones will seem to have a very powerful body. You are graceful and move swiftly and may be prone to use your hands a lot while talking and lots of body language. You will most likely retain your finer features and a youthful look in old age.


The 15th letter of the Hebrew alphabet SA’MEKH is assigned to the 9th part of the body, the Thighs.

Let Psalms 119:113-120 be your meditation. Let SA’MEKH be your mantra, speak this holy name of God out loud. Sa’mekh means to twist or turn slowly; support.


Courtesy of Tribe-OScope, John Lewis, Age to Age Ministries. Inc.