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NewsOne Now” caller Calvin, from Capitol Heights, MD believes protesters are justified to burn and loot businesses Ferguson. He said,”We need to stop complaining about us rioting when somebody has been killed. We have more complaints about the riots than when the big complaint is about somebody being killed.”

Calvin also believes we would not be talking about Ferguson if they had not rioted and looted.

Roland Martin was having none of that. Martin sharply snapped back saying, “… that is nonsense!”

“There is somebody African American in Ferguson this morning who is going to a place and they don’t have a job as a result. I will never justify that kind of nonsense, NEVER!”

Listen to their heated exchange below. Do you believe protesters are justified to burn and loot businesses as a result of the Ferguson grand jury deciding not to indict Darren Wilson in the fatal shooting of Michael Brown? Let us know your thoughts.

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