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I want to say this to you today not just as it relates to the issues our society is facing, but also as it relates to your personal life….Identify specifically the issues that are causing trouble for you.  Then do what is necessary to correct those things that you have power to do something about. Revisit your perspective on the trouble that you are facing. Are you powerful? Or Powerless? If you are a Child of God there is no way that you are powerless. However there are times we take a powerless approach to our circumstances. You have to know without a shadow of doubt that the Spirit in you is far stronger than anything in the world. Stay in that place in God that the Spirit guides you into ALL TRUTH…Let God give you the wisdom to know what you can do.  Then, trust Him with the rest.  God can do what we cannot. Be deliberate today about bringing these issues to Him and release them wholeheartedly to Him…and focus on walking out your greatness as a covered, powerful, enriched, and adored child of God…