Many people feel sick at the sight of bank statements, bills and other financial information. Although this reaction is common and may even be natural this revulsion can cost a lot of money. The more you avoid facing the inevitable the harder it gets to face it and the larger the issue becomes. The reality is we can’t run from our fiancees because they are an intricate part of our lives. Avoiding facing your financial issues or shortcomings often turn a small issue into a giant one.

It doesn’t pay to bury your head in the sand or hide under the bed. The truth is the symptoms of financial phobia can be strikingly physical. According to the study, nearly half of sufferers experience a racing heart at the mere prospect of dealing with their money, while 15% feel frozen and immobilized, 12% feel ill and 11% become dizzy.

Regardless of the reason, the reality is that there are probably many people out there who simply have a fear when it comes to dealing with or even discussing money. You must ask yourself if I’m scared to talk about it, it probably means I do a poor job managing it or using it to advance my platform. If we aren’t preparing for the future we’re missing an opportunity to be “other”. It often said that the best way to eliminate your fear is to face it. Once we’re able to face our own truth we can stop going through the motions or wearing the mask.

Many of us feel weary because we’ve been on a perpetual state of just getting by. A state of just enoughness or as some would say comfort. It would be ok if this place of comfort even came with a few of the amenities we desire or need, but the reality is it’s equipped with the bare bones minimum that leaves most wanting more.

5 ways to eliminate financial fears

Determine what really scares you?

The best strategy for this fear is to gradually, systematically and repeatedly face your fear. Break down the task into not-so-scary, bite-sized piece, he advises. Instead of trying to set a yearly or even monthly budget, start by setting a budget for tomorrow. Do that for a week or two, and then move on to setting a weekly budget. Over time, you’ll kick your fear and be on your way to a overcoming.

Learn from failures

Nobody does anything great without failing, therefore learn lessons from those you encounter that have failed. The difference between winners and losers is whether they look at failure as an opportunity to learn and grow, or as an opportunity to quit. For winners, losing inspires them. For loses, losing defeats them.

Play to win, not just finish

People who are afraid to lose never take the field, and when they do, they play not to lose rather than to win. Unfortunately, they rarely win.

Get familiar with the location

It’s easy to fear places, things or people that are unfamiliar, therefore we must identify, and spend time learning where we desire to end up. Be specific as possible and don’t just say rich, because that is not a number or a destination.

Focus & Shoot

Once you know exactly where you want to go, you must embrace your inner Nike and Just Do it! Once you’re in position your action is the thing that separates you from hitting your target. Shooting aimlessly will cause you to use all your ammunition and maybe even hit the wrong target.

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