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Although widely known as a cast member of WEtv’s hit series’ Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars and Braxton Family Values, Braxton is finally ready to release her first full-length album. Traci  is hands down down for hr candor.  She had a few moments today to  chat about her new album, ‘Crash & Burn’.

What came across was sincere passion for this  time in her life.

E8: So we think we know you, because you are on the screen, but what did you discover about yourself while working on this album?

Traci Braxton: (laughing) “I had a lot  to say.I talked about love, about life, about real love, discovery. It was something that  I did. I didn’t have to deal with my sisters saying we will did this or we will do that over here.

E8: What was the discover?

Traci Braxton: “I can find new love. I can find and follow my passions and my dreams. I thought my dreams of making it were over.  I thought it was all dead and gone.  I discovered that I can still do it. I can be happy.”

E8 If someone never met you and  you had to pick one track on the album  to explain who you were, what would it be? 

Traci Braxton:  “Passion” It’s it talking about the physical sense of love. It’s taking a bout that drive and desire.I am glad that I found that passion. I fell in love all over again”

When she hung up the phone she sounded genuinely happy. Good for her!

For the record, in addition to her being a talented writer and singer, Traci contributed much of her adult life to social work for children with disabilities. She studied classical ballet, percussion, vocal music and acting as a child, and continues to do so in her professional adult life.

Traci has a new found excitement for living healthy, motorcycle riding and being a motivational speaker to charities/non-profit organizations for females around the world that are facing societal challenges such as bullying, life skills and the importance of education. She is championing the cause of awareness by supporting organizations like The Race for the Cure of Cancer, The American Diabetes Association and The St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital.

Earlier this year  she talked with us about marriage. Watch her candid  talk  with us below:

Her new album Crash & Burn will be out on October 7th, 2014.

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