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“Talent without discipline is like an octopus on roller skates. There’s plenty of movement, but you never know if it’s going to be forward, backwards, or sideways.”


Discipline is a concept everyone is familiar with, but few really understand. Discipline is actually the bridge between your goals and your accomplishment.  Successful people exert discipline on a daily basis, while many that are still hoping to achieve success haven’t mastered this art just yet. The truth is, Discipline is vital and without it, the world around us would be confusion across the land..


People lacking control are unable to look at the long-term effects of their actions. This further demonstrates why this is such a crucial skill to have. It is probably the most crucial factor when trying to achieve a goal. Discipline allows you to choose different options and by following these options you can garner the success you are seeking. It also gives you the authority to overcome any obstacles that come your way.


There are two types of discipline: internal and external. Internal discipline is your self-restraint and your ability to differentiate right from wrong. External discipline is according to societal norms, such as following the law. The reality is it’s not sufficient enough to possess great qualities; we need the ability to manage them.


Many of you have goals or habits you want to achieve, but lack that discipline needed to follow through.  We ten we beat ourselves up about it. We feel terrible because we can’t stick with it, which leads to failure.


The road to discipline:


Forgive yourself for a past of no discipline and the poor decisions it’s attracted.  No one is perfect and we all make mistakes. Beating yourself up will only make things worse. Forgive yourself for the past ignorance and move on.


You must be Motivated: Realize discipline is not a skill.  It’s simply forcing yourself to do something that you don’t want to do which requires motivation.  Without motivation, you won’t be able to force yourself to do anything. So motivation is key. Surround yourself with positivity.


Focus on your Why to help motivate you to go.  You must have very strong motivations for doing something, write them down and commit to them. When things get tough, remind yourself of your motivation. Focus on it. It’ll pull you along.


Make it easy. Discipline is tough because whatever the task or habit you’re trying to do is tough. Instead, make it easy. Remove the barriers. Having a hard time exercising? Make it ridiculously easy, by only exercising for 5 minutes. Having a hard time saving, save $5 week.  What use is exercising for 5 minutes or saving $5? You’re creating the habit, not getting yourself into shape overnight. The 5 minutes of exercise will have only a tiny impact on your health, but it makes exercise super easy. If you can do that 30 days in a row, you now have an exercise habit.


Make it fun. It’s hard to push yourself to have discipline, especially if you hate what you’re doing.  Most successful people love what they do, therefore the discipline is easier because it’s fun or enjoyable to them.  when you hate doing something. So find something enjoyable about the activity.


Repeat. No ones perfect so you will make mistakes.  The key is to not be perfect, but never stop no matter how good you are. Many people often think because they haven’t displayed discipline they can’t achieve it, so they just beat themselves up and give up.

When at first you don’t succeed realize it’s just a speed bump in the road of life that often feels like a sinkhole.  See it for what it is, get up, dust yourself off, and get back on it again, starting with step one.


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