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Georgia parents who have failed to pay their court-mandated child support could possibly face having their driver’s licenses taken away from them, according to the WSB-TV.

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Last May, the State Department of Human Services targeted thousands of parents who are behind in paying their child support.

The Georgia Department of Driver Services now has the technological capability to link with the State Department of Human Services, and as a result, can suspend the driver’s licenses of any negligent parents.

The thousands of  parents who have fallen behind in their child support payments have already reportedly received a notice warning them of the impending August 20th license suspension if they fail to pay, with some arguing that parents who do not pay child support should face jail time.

However, Tanguler Johnson, director of the state Child Support Division, disagrees with this train of thought, saying,  “If parents that owe child support are incarcerated, they cannot pay. Still, Johnson does state that the threats thus far regarding the strict driver’s license removal program for child support delinquency seems to be working. The State Child Support Division is also trying an alternative method of attempting to reach those parents via a network of ministers.

Meanwhile, with the August 20th date looming, Johnson has some choice words for those 56,000 delinquent parents in the state of Georgia, who are categorized as deadbeats with regards to supporting their children, “Please, if you’re unable to pay, contact us and make sure that you let us know about your circumstances, and if you are able to pay, make sure you move forward and pay as ordered,” Johnson told WSB-TV. “Otherwise, Aug. 20th, your driver’s license will be suspended.”

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