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black-woman-job-interviewIn June 2012 approximately 155,163,000 people were in the labor force (those actively employed or seeking employment). With a total U.S. working-age population of approximately 243 million individuals, the labor force participation rate currently stands at 63.8 percent. Out of those 155 million individuals in the labor force, 142,415,000 are currently employed, with unemployment hovering around 8.2 percent.

Breaking it down by race and ethnicity, approximately 99,945,000 (64 percent) in the labor force are non-Hispanic white; 24,679,000 (16 percent) are Hispanic; 18,758,000 (12 percent) are African American; and 8,202,000 (5 percent) are Asian. Approximately 4,801,000 people (3 percent) in the labor force do not identify in any of these racial or ethnic categories.

With that being said, take a look at the pros and cons of working in a Black Office.

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