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Yvonne Moore, a lifelong southern Baptist and D.C. resident, launched a lawsuit in early 2007 against her church of close to 40 years for performing gay marriages which she described as “disgusting.”

Moore, who has since dropped the lawsuit, was suing to receive her weekly donations back, which she estimated to total over $250,000 in that time period.

“Why did I do it?” Moore said during a CNN interview. “That’s a good question. It’s funny now because that’s not of God. That was me. I just got pissed off.”

When the first gay marriage was performed at the church in 2007, it split parishioners of Covenant Baptist Church and Pastor’s Christine and Dennis Wiley lost half of their following. Moore, who couldn’t believe that her church was performing gay marriage ceremonies, attended one to see for herself and decided it was time to go.

“I’m Southern Baptist and the Bible speaks against it [gay marriage],” she said. “You cannot take that in the church.”

Despite the opposition from Moore and other members of their congregation, the Wiley’s have continued performing gay marriages and will not cease spreading their message of inclusion.

“You can’t just read the Bible and think that somehow you have now mastered the word of God,” Dennis Wiley told CNN during an interview. “I don’t think we, as a people, have a lock on civil rights.”

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