A 29 year old man Terrell Starr, who grew up in the hood of Detroit, was reunited with his father through Facebook.

Starr grew up under the care of his ailing grandmother while his mother was off in the military and his father was absent and didn’t know he had a son.

Ironically, Starr’s life changed in 2009 when he searched “Chris Truesdale’’ on Facebook in an attempt to reconnect with his missing father.

“I didn’t believe that anyone would actually reply because I was just so used to being without him,’’ Starr told Willie Geist in an interview that aired on TODAY Friday. “I thought that I was going to live the remaining years of my life without knowing who my father was.”

When Truesdale logged on to Facebook he received a message from Starr entitled “looking for a father”. Truesdale knew immediately that Starr was his son and both were happily reunited with each other.

“It’s cool,’’ Starr said. “I love him. We do grown adult things together, and he came at the perfect time in my life.”


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