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From the NY Times:

The sudden closing of the Harlem School of the Arts this month is proving to be temporary: The mayor and other city officials and a host of donors have stepped in to resuscitate the storied and fiscally troubled Harlem institution, and it is to reopen on Saturday.

The school was shuttered April 1 after the board of directors announced that funds had run dry, and that without “angels” descending upon the schools steps with the $500,000 it would take to keep the doors open until the start of the summer session, the school would be closed indefinitely.

An investigation into the school’s finances by The Times showed a sharp decline in fund-raising, an increase in expenses and questionable financial management.

“For 45 years, the Harlem School of the Arts has been an integral part of Harlem’s and the city’s cultural community, providing invaluable arts education to thousands of students,” Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg said in a written statement released shortly before a scheduled 11 a.m. news conference at the school, at 645 St. Nicholas Avenue.

“With the help of dedicated New Yorkers, private funders and arts education advocates working together with the city and local officials,” the statement said, “the Harlem School of the Arts is now on a path to a new and sustainable future, and that’s great news for everyone.”

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