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Fatawmatt Kaba barely uttered a sound as she gave birth to her baby boy 38,000 feet in the air on a non-stop New York City-bound South African Airways plane on Saturday. As a matter of fact, the young woman gave two pushes and the baby glided right on through, the Daily Mail reports.

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Kaba, who is married to 38-year-old Gambian diplomat, Abubakary Jawara, was traveling alone.  It was the very first time Kaba had ventured away from her homeland of Angola and planned on staying with relatives in the Bronx, N.Y., for a three-month visit, then return back to her husband.

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Luckily for the young woman, when she began to experience the warnings that come with impending motherhood, there was a doctor on board the plane. The airline’s crew went on the flight’s loudspeaker and requested the assistance of a physician. Dr. Julie Williamson, a pediatric anesthesiologist answered the crew member’s call. She was returning from a medical conference along with another colleague, Dr. Steve Paridon. There were also two nurses on board to offer any assistance to Drs. Williamson and Paridon.

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Even though it had been a good fifteen years since Dr. Williamson had delivered a baby, it all came back to her as she attended to Kaba.

Kaba’s labor pains began 4 hours into the flight. The plane’s crew was torn about diverting the rest of 12-hour remaining flight time but changed their minds once Williamson delivered Kaba’s baby and all seemed well and under control.

The new mom and her baby boy, whom she named Mamel Joella, landed safely at New York’s JFK airport. Once the aircraft touched down, Kaba and her son were quickly whisked away to nearby Jamaica Hospital in Queens. Kaba told the New York Daily News reporters on Sunday via her brother-in-law translator, “I wasn’t scared to have the baby, I was very happy. I feel better now after delivering the baby. Everything’s okay,” the young mom said.

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