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A Georgia man is alive today because of the quick thinking of his mother and the heroic actions of a local police officer, WXIA-TV reports.

On Tuesday night, 41-year-old Keith Haynes, of Forest Park, Ga., woke up complaining of breathing problems. Lynda Tyler said her son called her and she picked him up and immediately rushed him towards Southern Regional Medical Center. “He said mom, please drive fast,” she said. “He said mom, I can’t breathe.”

Her son collapsed against the dashboard before she could get to the hospital.

“While I was driving he got stiff, he seized and he just went limp,” she said. “He stopped breathing on me.” Tyler was still miles away from the hospital and was unsure of how to help her dying son. But she saw a parked police car at a BP gas station. She pulled into the BP station and ran inside where she found Forest Park officer Christopher Simmons who happened to be on his coffee break.

He followed Tyler and her brother, who also was in the vehicle, out to her pick up truck where Haynes was found passed out. It was raining heavily outside, so officer Simmons, Tyler and her brother brought Haynes inside of the station. At first, the officer tried to wake Haynes up because he thought he was asleep. After he got nothing, Simmons began CPR on the man. His mother is seen on surveillance video walking around hysterically, praying to God that her son would eventually wake up.

“You see on the file, I was just walking up and down saying, ‘Jesus! Jesus, help him,’” she said. “And I kept asking the officer, ‘is he breathing yet, is he breathing.’”

After several minutes, the officer was able to get a good pulse on Haynes. A police officer in the right place, at the right time, was able to son a dying man. “I think him so much from the bottom of my heart for helping him,” Tyler said. “I really do. I really do.”

Officer Simmons is equally touched by the experience.

“It’s an incredible feeling I can’t describe to be able to help someone, to save a human life. Absolutely humbling.

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