The book  features essays by an impressive array of prominent thought-leaders from the creative, religious, business and mental health communities, who share provocative insights and powerful critiques on the status of African American relationships today. Divided up into three sections that include essays from individuals who are Single, Married and Divorce, Where Did Our Love Go examines important issues affecting Black America from new and revelatory angles that  provide an unparalleled understanding to this hot-button topic. This book gives readers an ‘oasis of perspective’ to rest in – reconnecting with what we’re all born to do…LOVE.-Actress & Bestselling Author, Victoria Rowell

Where Did Our Love Go marks the third anthology edited by Robertson that examines critical issues affecting the quality of African American life. The book will hit stores today, and will be supported by tour dates throughout February, March and April in Los Angeles, Dallas, Houston, Chicago, Detroit, New York, Philadelphia, Washington DC and Atlanta.  For more information visit

WHERE DID OUR LOVE GO: Love & Relationships In The African American Community  was originally published on

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