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larry trotter

Here is the photo circulating throughout the media of Bishop Larry Trotter with his grandchild in the bathtub. What we see is Bishop Trotter and his female grandaughter in the bathtub appearing nude.

Close and reliable sources say that what we don’t see is that he has on swimming trunks and his daughter “the grand-daughter’s mother” taking the photo. With the temperature of society and media being ultra sensitive to the leaders in the Kingdom of God, I would say that it was probably not the best idea to share the picture on social media, however it is refreshing to see a geniune smile from a grand-daughter having innocent fun with her “Pa-pa.”

Bishop Trotter looks like he is having a ball playing with his grandbaby with no apprehension. Not enough of us can have innocent fun with even our family members.

What are your thoughts on this picture?

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