12 Things Happy Couples Know

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    Check out 12 things that happy couples know and incorporate into their relationship consistently per Robin May.

    1. They understand they need Jesus and not just on Sunday morning

    2. Realize each marriage has seasons so they don’t get scared during winter

    3. They give one another the benefit of the doubt

    4. They understand that the relationship should be mutually beneficial

    5. Happy couples are serious about their TEAM and don’t allow outside players to interfere

    6. Happy couples are not afraid to give each other space (physical, emotional and even spiritual space)

    7. They intentionally have fun and engage in one another’s interest

    8. Pay attention to what is pleasing to their spouse (Does your spouse like it when you wear your hair curly? Does your spouse prefer like when you wear nice suits? )

    9. Happy couples yield to one another’s strengths and they fill –in for one another’s weaknesses

    10. Happy couples are honest with themselves  which makes it easier to be honest with each other

    11. They know the importance of picking your battles

    12. Happy couples are open to influence from one another

    For more information or to get in contact with Robin May visit www.robinmayonline.com

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